Saturday, October 24, 2009

And I back for a moment

SO i decided to step back into the ring of the blog world for a moment in time. Suspended in a world filled with doubt i seem to be standing on a mountain of self restraint. this day has been a well thought out treasure hunt written in pencil erased and shaded back in. I fill the last couple weeks/months have been the right steps in life but the wrong gestures noticed.

As i read past entries i realize man... where i stood and where i shouldve been standing. LoL. Its like when Bugs drops a piano and daffy is standing under it and just holds up a sign that says ouch.... LMAO.

Well that book deal is still trying to be pasted. Im still writing. But it IS finished and i do feel very good about the situation. Its just me taking the time to make these things happen. Watch out deity take the time to unfold the towel of proverbial life and clean up the mess i've made. lol. cause im breaking eggs all over the place.

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