Friday, December 19, 2008

Is lyricism Truely Dead??

Lyricism for the Industry at the moment is dead. Labels have went from looking for artist with complete albums. Artist that can produce at least a 15 track cd/lp/ep/album and 12 of those tracks are dope. Now to get signed all u need is one of 2 things... 1. A Crazy buzz but it has to be marketable so dont go out and commit any crimes to get shine. that doesnt work anymore. 2. Get some catchy hooks. Act like all your songs are commercials. Dont get me wrong there are some artist that are still left that Spit like after every verse i shld say bless you. ((Mos Def, Talib, Common, Lupe)) But as a whole do u hear there music alot?! I mean after there singles drop? And for the idiots I left ppl off the lyrical list those are not all the lyrical artist in the game. But Styles P makes a good foot note:::

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