Monday, December 15, 2008


Do Not alot allow the name to discourage u from the verbal assualt this artist/producer will lay on a track.... this mixtape has it's highs and lows. Him being good of a producer that he is u cant expect anything less than what u get((PRODUCING "QUEENS GET THE MONEY" FOR NAS)). The southern Mc reminds me of game.... with his southern slang yet has a new york delivery. Jay has the ability to go completely over your head then bring you back to the track so that u can relate to his thug/revolutionary mentality. The EmCee also shows off his brash vocabulary in tracks like "My World, Something to Hold Onto, And Renaissance Man" The cons to this album he comes off as very middle of the pack... there are alot of producers/artist claiming to be real hip hop in the game other than the stamp from NAS' what sets him apart from the bunch.... U be the judge...

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