Monday, December 22, 2008


Kid Cudi is another artist that is not afraid to be different which u surely find out threw out this Mixtape. Then concept behind this mixtape is orginal but very much helps the kid get his point accross as his story is played threw the lights of the big screen.Kid Cudi's lyrical ability is above par but wont impress you until you take the time to listen to each bar and take the time to see how his metaphor's are pieced together. But on tracks with features with the likes of Wale' Cudi holds is own on the big beat track of "is there any love" then Cudi follows it up with his different sound right over "cudi Gets". Cudi falls at certain aspects to gain a full concept on certain songs. But Yet, Cudi will grab your attention with lines like "like keep the bapes on so i can see the devil Ice grill me". The things that help Cudi grasp your attention is the fact every song can be felt from real exp. and actual emotions the fact that The Kid is simply being is different eccentric self... so i ask you to give him a try and take a gander at Kid Cudi's new age cleveland sound. So were cudi falls he makes up for in style points as well as above par lyrical ability. So look out for the kid...

Check out Kid CUdi, DJAM with travis barker killin it on the drums @ the VMA's

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  1. KID CUDI! Sounds like Kanye at some points. But the dude is great:) Every song on his mix is good.