Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Destiny....Or faith in talent

So i took a brief intermission from the internet for a second... so much has taken place. So much has changed... But i have also decided to start putting up what i write.... I mean As many of you do not know I write. I put down a lil on the pad with the pen. It is simply like a discussion between my brain/heart/soul (self) and allows me to get that bullshit that i carry with me day to day (life) off my back/shoulders.

So as i a woke to a very blaming text this morning. I thought. Is there anyother true prespective than your own. I mean there is no way for you to honestly see something as it happens threw someone elses eyes. I mean how you see and precieve something is a mirror of your presonality/ who you are/ your beliefs. So as i decided how to respond. I thought/pondered even if i do explain my point of view does it really change how someone looks at the situation. I mean they may figure they were right or wrong. But it wont change there reaction/presence about something.

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