Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Right/Left Side of the bed.......

I woke up completely in a good mood... it maybe because of the SxSw... Hmmm but for whatever reason the outcome was good. Charles hamilton tonite preforms with Blu&exile Dope. I say. Dope. And my simple love for music>rock>indie>hiphop... has this excitment in me i guess.
But i was thinking.. is there love at first sight if your blind(to love)?! seems as though the state of emergency in the world has emerge a better state for music. Cause seems as though the worst off the economy is looking the better artist seem to be coming out of the pool of Bull... For the record certain artist should not be allowed to hold certain titles I.E. the title artist/musician! 1. Plies. 2. gucci mane 3. Keak Da Sneak... lmao... just to name a few that pissed me off as my mind began to wonder. Some may say souljha boy ( fact i do not like his music) but have you seen the young kid place together a beat on fruity loops. Peep worldstarhiphop. DL fruityloops yourself and then you shall understand.

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  1. Aiight, well aside from the idiots that have labeled Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" as "Sunshine In A Bag" (not your fault, I know), all is well with this post.

    I for one am GLAD the economy is the way it is right now, because it puts the spot light on REAL artists and it makes the consumer actually start to give a damn about what they spend their hard earned money on.

    We could go on about all the Plies and Soulja Boy's and Gucci Men out there and how they would NEVER amount to an ounce of talent that a Charles Hamilton or a Blu can posses ALL day. The fact of the matter is THIS:

    Real recognize real. No matter what.

    The industry is full of so many fakes that it's become apparent to the outside world (aka consumers). Now, in an effort to coincide with a declining economy as well as an effort to tap into a new fan base, labels are looking for the next CH because that's what our generation wants.

    We are coming around full circle to where we were in the mid 90's...looking for a REAL sound that identifies with what the consumer is dealing with...people are tired of hearing about "making it rain" and "coppin expensive whips" because we aint got it like that. I can only hope this trend continues to net WORTHY artists and not industry robots...