Monday, March 16, 2009

Rigid Rambling....

So i woke up wondering where/How should my next move be... I mean this week coming up is going to be mad different yet crazy exciting. you never know how people react to things that have been/will be/are being said. So Im currently in the craziest mood. Like so many different emotions at once yet it feels so outer body. Which makes it to hard to describe... I currently find myself wondering why... I mean i know why people overall do most of the things they do (simply) out of self preservation over self expectancy. Like people woul dmuch rather do what they feel or what makes them feel than to do what is hard and maybe abnormal. So in the process they hurt the ones that they feel are most important by basically taking away there ability to hurt them. Crazy part in it all they hurt themselves in the long run!! the world>life>heart is a crazy thing.

today looks how i feeel... gray rainy gloomy cold out. *sings* its pouring the old man is snoring... Damn this shit sounds mad depressing hahahahahaha yet im smiling.Or least i have that Kayne smile on. simply because

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  1. Stoppin' by to show some love.
    If you add some pics on to the blog
    I bet more people would show up but
    I'm digging the contrast between the colors lol.