Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Visions Of Future Hindsight occurences

I truely see the past as a way to guide your future. But i dont see is how ppl get locked into repeating the past. Like it's not a map of shit not to do. Currently Putting my metaphoric/physical/mental footprint in time down. Cant allow it. I mean I once heard someone say Mistakes mean nothing its the consequences that we have to live with..... right/wrong?
Its preception that others take of our actions that make up there re-actions that seem to rain down as our consequences(i low key just got deep)(fuck that i been deep)
lol. Okay maybe i was really shallow at one time. But who hasnt been.

I am beginging to realize how much i could honestly do with patience... yet im still like fuck patience with leave you a patient of time. But hell im still growing as a person/man/being. So in time.... maybe... maybe not. New Poetry coming in a couple days hope you all felt "The Nature of US" i mean speak on it. Shout outs to Devin, Trey, Reverb. all of you that hit me on the email. Much love.


oh and......

what is there left to say HARD(fucking)BODY!!! Right?!

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