Tuesday, March 17, 2009


SxSw starts tomorrow the fact that there so many good acts and i truely dont know where to start makes it so fun... sometimes it does suck to love music this much. But when something like this comes around its hard body!!! I mean I shall be definately in rocking out yet fashionably controled as i watch Charles hamilton do his thing tomorrow... then cudi on thurs... then Lst...just so many bands... I low key just channeled the scene from "Dude where's my car" lmao and then.... (no and then) and then.... (No and then)and then.... lmao

Today feels like a laid bacc as day... even though i walked into a hail storm of bullshit at work! i mean its like a bunch of chimpanzee's here just throwing shit around at eachother seeing who they can hit... but isnt it like that at most jobs anyway. Its all about making your dough, ducking the assholes, and climbing the ladder in the process or saying ultimately fuck it!

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